Working for Bright Creations

Where we stand

Bright Creations is a product development company.  With a 10 year track record, we build products, apps and solutions which have been used by companies globally including Google, Porsche, Du, EFG Hermes, MBC, Mall of Arabia and Americana.

We grew, we innovated, we experimented, we learned and now we stand after 10 years later -ready to take on an exciting new chapter in Bright Creations.

We build products and one of our core values is "less is more".  We don't hire numbers, we hire amazing people.  Small teams can achieve greatness and that's how we're organised.  Lots of small teams, each with their own goals focused on our company wide vision.

Our code values are:

  1. Think Big
  2. Own it
  3. Automate everything
  4. Measure everything
  5. Focus
  6. Team is your family 
  7. Create Value
  8. Hands On
  9. Be Open
  10. Innovate
  11. Less is more

If you think you'll fit in and can add value, apply below.