Backend Developer (PHP)

Job description

Bright Creations is a product development company.  With a 10 year track record, we build products, apps and solutions which have been used by companies globally including Google, Porsche, Du, EFG Hermes, MBC, Mall of Arabia and Americana.

Bright Creations is looking for a Backend Developer (using PHP) who possesses a passion for pushing web to the limit.

You will be part of our product engineering team, working on some of our crazy ideas, pushing out platforms that have an impact globally.  You'll have the opportunity to innovate yourself, architect some amazing solutions and see you're hard work realised.

You're responsibilities will include:

  • Work within a cross-functional team on a product or platform to define, design, and ship new features
  • Build applications and platforms using PHP frameworks including Laravel, Voyager, Laravel Backpack, and more.
  • Architect and build advanced applications using PHP using the latest software design patterns, architecture and more.
  • Build APIs for front-end or mobile applications using secure, scalable backend code
  • Work directly with product owners, managers and clients on the product vision and new features 

If you have the breadth of knowledge to fit into a full-stack developer role, then the responsibilities can extend to:

  • Building front-end modules using JavaScript, Vuejs, Angular 
  • Building interfaces using HTML5/CSS3


Mandatory requirements:

  • BSc. or MSc. in Computer Science or related degree
  • 1+ Years of experience in PHP Development
  • Experience with Laravel Frameworks (Lumin, Laravel)
  • Experience with database design (MySQL & MongoDB)
  • Excellent understanding of Git process flow and usage of Git.
  • Flexible skills to be able to learn new technologies quickly and easily migrate between different PHP based technologies.
  • Must show excellent quality from day one, and ability to test own code using the correct logic.
  • Good command of English, and ability to read and write documentation well
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Works well under pressure

Bonus skills:

  • Experience with front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery.
  • Experience with Vuejs or Angular.
  • Strong knowledge of Docker
  • Familiarity with Linux Operating System and Command Line Interface