DevOps Engineer & Linux Administrator

Job description

We are hiring an enthusiastic and passionate DevOps Engineer & Linux Administrator to join our development and support team.

This role is ideally suited for an either:

  • an enthusiastic linux administrator with experience in linux administration with a very high interest in DevOps.  Bringing your knowledge of servers and infrastructure, you will get a crash course in DevOps and integrate into the development and support teams.
  • an experienced DevOps engineer that also has an interest in infrastructure and linux administration to ensure they have a full view of the whole infrastructure and devops process

Within DevOps, you will be responsible for:

  • Working with the technical team to automate all DevOps processes
  • Work with technical team on Gitlab CI & FastLane and other great tools automate iOS and Android build, test, deployment processes
  • Work with the technical team on GitLab CI & deployment scripts for web and other frameworks (including PHP, Java and Python)
  • Write YAML, Python & Bash scripts to automate the devops process
  • Work with Docker for containerised infrastructure and processes
  • Deploy code to live servers across AWS and dedicated servers using repeatable, consistent scripts integrated into the CI/CD process
  • Installing, configuring and updating Configuration Management software (Rudder, Chef)
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining Log aggregator tools
  • Install, setup and maintain development tools including monitoring, configuration management, logging tools and more to automate the infrastructure management process
  • Work with AWS and dedicated servers to prepare environments (ideally automated using configuration management tools)

Within Linux Administration, you will be responsible for:

  • Infrastructure management for live servers on AWS and Dedicated Servers
  • Manage the uptime and troubleshoot issues on live servers.
  • Tweak performance and security of servers and applications for live environments
  • Creating central administration console for all servers (local and external) through Python/Bash
  • Manage DNS (internal & external), firewalls, proxies, etc for the infrastructure internally and on live environments
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining Backup tools
  • Installing, configuring and maintaining server monitoring tools
  • Install, setup and maintain tools used internally within Bright Creations to support the development process and final products
  • Manage all internal local servers on Ubuntu & CentOS
  • Manage the office network and IT requirements


  • BSc. or BEng. in Computer Engineering or Computer Science.  
  • Minimum 3+ years experience in Linux Administration and/or DevOps
  • Excellent knowledge of Linux including CentOS & Ubuntu
  • Excellent knowledge of web and application servers including Apache, Tomcat, NGinx
  • Good understanding of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) using either Gitlab CI, Jenkins or Travis CI - Ideally worked on DevOps for Laravel, Django, iOS and/or Android
  • Excellent understanding of Python and Bash Scripting to automate steps and processes for DevOps
  • Has a clear understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how cloud infrastructure is setup and operated in (preferably worked professionally with AWS)
  • Experience in linux servers, configuration management, log management and others
  • Understands networking using Fortinet and other firewall solutions
  • Understanding and experience with Docker is a definite plus
  • Experience building scalable infrastructure